Why should you use the DIOnavi system?

More comfortable. Minimal incision. Quick recovery.

The innovative DIOnavi implantology system is the standard by which all other digital dentistry implants are measured. It maximizes clinician’s productivity, minimizes patient discomfort and increases the dentist’s bottom line.

  • Predictable outcomes — the precise diagnostics of digital imaging and step-by-step surgical workflow ensures flawless placement.
  • Less stress — top-down approach considers occlusion and stress to design prosthetics while planning implant positioning.
  • Interconnected options — treatments for a sinus lift, immediate load after extraction and edentulous are also available.
  • Save time — procedure length is reduced by performing flapless surgery and digitally guided design workflow.
  • More comfortable — with less noise, incision and heating, patients hardly encounter any pain.
  • Minimal incision — provides less bleeding and swelling while delivering a quicker recovery.
  • Systemic approved — patients with systemic conditions can undergo the procedure due to minimal incisions and bleeding.
  • Quick recovery — immediate prosthesis loading is possible in select cases enabling patients to return to normal life.

The DIOnavi system provides benefits right from the start.

From point-of-care production to reproduction and healing treatments — DIOnavi delivers data-driven solutions right to your office with no upfront costs. We provide precise production of intraprocedural guides, fleet/machine-learning for case planning, temporary or permanent (future) prosthetics, plus an intraoperative UV Activation that promotes osseointegration.

The 100% digital workflow includes:

360º fleet/machine-learning enables case planning — digital scanning of the patient’s anatomy is inserted into the planning protocol. The data is automatically optimized to support better decision-making, eliminate traditional manual processes and reduce human errors.

Simplification of the business process — while patients wait in your office, the entire procedure can be planned, managed, designed, and performed in one visit.

Here’s how the DIOnavi digitally-guided implant workflow works.

1. Order (Clinic)

Upload CT scans and place order on the DIOnavi website

2. IntraOral Scan (Clinic)

Send intraoral scans from 3Shape server to the DIOnavi center

3. Planning (DIO)

Implants are created and revised using details of the order

4. Guide Design (Clinic & DIO)

DIOnavi surgical guide is designed after clinician’s confirmation

5. Prosthetic Design

Finalize design and submit order

6. Production (Clinic/DIO)

Surgical guide is fabricated

7. Packing & Delivery (DIO)

Final prosthesis, a surgical guide and drilling protocol are delivered via courier

It’s a mouthful — the DIOnavi Full Arch

The DIOnavi Full Arch is a series of all-on-4 or all-on-6 implants which restores the function of all teeth. It leverages the benefits of digital diagnosis and treatment. Through a 3D computer simulation, it determines the optimal surgery and rehabilitation plan for the edentulous patient with a minimal incision, faster recovery, and less pain.

The DIOnavi Full Arch comes complete.

  • Treatment Planning
  • Surgical Guide Designing
  • Implants
  • Multi-unit Abutments
  • Bone Reduction Guide
  • Temporary Cylinders, Dentures & Prosthesis
  • Dental Model
  • Final Prosthesis
  • Surgical Report
  • Drilling Protocol
  • Service & Support


Dentures are a possibility when patients have lost all of their teeth and implants cannot be placed due to poor gum health.

The removal and attachments of prostheses without fixing is inconvenient and with this type of treatment, the gingival bone is gradually absorbed and cannot be used permanently.


Placing 2-4 implants and fixing the dentures using the attachments. While overdentures provide stronger retention than conventional dentures, overdenture attachments eventually wear out.

This leads to diminished snap retention and perceived looseness, so partial replacement is recommended periodically.

Implant Supported Bridge

Place multiple implants and connect the prosthesis individually. As a result of a large number of implants, its more stable than other prosthetic methods.

However, it can only be performed with sufficient bone density because the treatment cost is expensive.

Digital Full Arch

Place all-on-4 to all-on-6 implants for your edentulous patients with a one-piece prosthesis.

An intraoral scanner and CBCT are used with the DIOnavi Full Arch solution to determine accurate implant placement resulting in a picture-perfect smile.

The DIOnavi Full Arch rehabilitation solution benefits are endless.

  • Low-speed milling with short drilling time.
  • Stability of surgical guide will avoid excess of drilling depth.
  • Maxillary sinus lift is completely safe and precise with the DIOnavi system.
  • The surgical guide, drill tube, and initial drill are designed not to exceed an error within 0.3°.
  • Accuracy is guaranteed regardless of the anatomical location and bone density of the patient’s tooth.

DIOnavi Full Arch — find out why they keep smiling.

  • Life-changing treatment, new smile done same day
  • Patient-friendly, providing a more resilient solution
  • No shaking of dentures, enables proper bite and occlusion
  • Restore aesthetics, chewing ability, and oral health

The DIOnavi Full Arch case in a box.
Full-scale support. Step-by-step guidance. Stress-free procedure.

The fully organized, all-in-one smile-transformational kit has everything you need from start to finish, ready to go, right out of the box. Every order is delivered to your office in a customized case. On the day of treatment, we’ll provide virtual and in-person support, so you can elevate your clinic’s standard of patient care.

Contents of the box include:

  • Digitally-guided implant workflow
  • Surgical guide
  • Implants
  • Multi unit abutments
  • Temporary cylinders
  • Treatment planning
  • Designing service
  • Final restoration

Discover how to dominate digital dentistry with the innovative DIOnavi implant system.

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