1. What is DIO Digital Academy (DDA)?2022-06-29T11:51:54-07:00

DIO Digital Academy  is a continued education training program for dentists and dental professionals nationwide. We provide a unique journey to transform dental practices into a complete digital modeless workflow-based implant center to maximize their revenue and profit. Attendees will get learn about the latest advancements, trends, and developments in the digital dentistry and implantology industry so they can provide the best and most comprehensive treatment options with superb patient care

2. What prior experience is needed to take in a DDA Course ?2022-06-29T11:52:33-07:00

No Experience necessary. However, we do recommend familiarizing yourself with basic implant dentistry terminologies and principles prior to attending our DDA courses.

3. Is your program accredited and approved by recognized educational organizations?2022-06-29T11:53:55-07:00

Yes, DIO DIGITAL Academy is recognized by Academy of General Dentistry, and in partnership with California Implant Institute, NYU Dentistry, and UCLA School of Dentistry. DIO Digital Academy course are fully accredited by Approved PACE Program Provide,  ADA CERP (American Dental Association) and the Dental Board of California. According to Dental board of California , Pursuant to Title 16, California Code of Regulations (CCR), Section 1015 all holders of licenses granted by the Dental Board of California (Board) are required to continue their education after receiving a license.

DDA Computer-Guided standard Course –
 New to digital dentistry and Implantology
Does/Does not have Intraoral Scanner & CBCT scan
seeking for new dental provider / switching to a new dental implant partner.
Looking for continued education training on single implant case scenario.
looking to add Continued Education CE credits towards your residency and license.
looking to Develop your skills in patient marketing and patient care.
looking for a complete digital workflow system with quality equipment to add to your practice.
Beginner to Intermediate skills in digital dentistry, dental implants, and restorative prothesis.
DIOnavi FullArch Solution Course
Intermediate to Advanced experience in digital dentistry and implantology
Does have Intraoral Scanner & CBCT scan
Seeking for a new provider / switching to a new dental implant partner
Looking for professional training on full arch cases and complex cases.
looking to add Continued Education credits towards their residency and license
looking to Develop your skills in patient marketing and patient care.
looking for a complete digital workflow system with quality equipment to add to your practice.
Intermediate to advanced expertise in digital dentistry, dental implants and restorative prothesis.

4. What are the benefits of DIOnavi Digital Implant Solution ?2022-06-29T11:54:33-07:00

The biggest difference is in the way the surgery is performed. Using DIO dental implants require no flap preparation or incision under the gums reducing post operative bleeding and swelling, create pleasant experience for patients, reduce surgery time by half, and achieve faster tissue healing and recovery.

5. Can I take a DDA course even if I haven’t purchased an implant system ?2022-06-29T11:55:03-07:00

Yes ! Our DDA courses are designed to teach general practitioners and dentists who have never placed an implant to learn all fundamentals of digital dentistry and mastering dental implant procedures. While we go with different Case reviews, we will work with you to provide the necessary DIO equipment and tools to confidently provide implant treatments with predictable outcomes.

6. What type of Surgical Procedure topics are covered in your courses?2022-06-29T11:55:59-07:00

We discuss Digital Dentistry and Dental Implant Surgical procedure – Single Implants, Crestal Sinus Lift, Anterior Placement with Immediate Temporization, Flapless Sinus Lift, Edentulous) Bone Graft, Ridge Split, Bone Expansion, Overdenture, Fixed Bridge Case, Full Arch All-on-4, All-on6, & more.

7. When will I receive my DIO Certificate of Completion?2022-06-29T11:56:27-07:00

After completing any of our DDA courses, recipients will receive their CE certification within 7-10 business days.

8. What is the cancelation policy ?2022-06-29T11:56:59-07:00

If the event is canceled by DDA, you can enroll to the upcoming event or request full refund.

9. I have more questions regarding DIO implant and DIO Digital Academy course ?2022-06-29T11:57:31-07:00

For more information you can contact us at  [email protected]


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