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There’s only one place to learn about the DIOnavi System. DIO Digital Academy.

DIO Implant Corporation is disrupting the digital dentistry sector. From manufacturing to distributing, selling to educating — the company is committed to transforming traditional dental practice owners into digital implantation leaders. Breadth of products include dental implants, equipment, materials, surgical instruments, digital imaging systems and implant devices. In order to remain at the forefront of their field, DIO continuously invests in ongoing research, top-tier talent, seminar best practices, focus groups and innovative infrastructure development.

Located in the heart of Orange County, California — Costa Mesa — the DIO Digital Academy is the west coast’s premier digital dentistry continuing education center. The proprietary courses teach the latest technology and advanced techniques. Whether it’s your first step towards implantology or an ongoing advancement in digital dentistry, learn how to implement accurate placement and deliver consistent outcomes through the DIOnavi system.

Going all digital could be the smartest decision you’ll ever make. We transform beginners into born-to-succeed specialists and advanced digital dentists into master implantologists. Upon curriculum completion, you’ll receive DIOnavi certification status, gain CE credits and become a member of the DIOnavi partner network.

Forward-Thinking Facilities.

DIO’s ground-breaking facility is an environment of excellence. The inviting, open atmosphere encourages collaboration, fosters team building, and enables learners to be hands-on. Criteria is powered by the DIOnavi and DIOnavi Full Arch solutions, providing dental professionals with complete access to the latest implant products, digitally-guided implant workflow and industry best practices.

Discovering dental technology and modern surgical techniques will improve diagnostic care, increase accuracy in treatment planning, and speed up healing time. DIO is committed to educating, advancing and supporting dentists on their transition to a digitally-guided implant workflow. Good for your practice. Better for your patients. Best for your profits.

70+ Countries DIO-Certified
2500+ Trained Dentists
700k+ DIO Implants Placed

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