Gain a competitive advantage with the DIOnavi workflow. 

We are pleased to offer you this opportunity to experience the DIOnavi single implant case-in-a-box solution. Simply sign-up and a DIO Practice Builder will reach out to schedule your first patient journey. It starts by taking CBCT and introral scans (if you don’t have a scanner, we’ll bring one). Then, we’ll walk you through the steps to upload the data files, fill in the QA process and necessary information on the online Rx portal to order your case.   

The centralized planning and design center will provide the treatment planning, surgical guide design, and temporary crown design. From there, you confirm or apply any necessary changes through live communication within 24 hours. Within 5 days from confirmation, you’ll receive your case-in-a-box solution so you can schedule the surgery with your patient. The trail case-in-a-box will include:

  • DIO UFII implant
  • Surgical guide
  • Digital abutment
  • Temporary crown
  • Surgical report 
  • Drilling protocol
  • SMARTnavi live guidance portal access
  • Free rental DIOnavi master surgical kit 

After your first DIOnavi experience, we encourage you to sign up for our DIO Digital Academy (DDA) courses to further your digital dentistry education. Or you can purchase the DIOnavi Experience Package and become an exclusive provider at a minimum investment. Upon purchasing, you’ll gain access to our webinar series, exclusive offers, and exciting promotions.