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Building a New History in Costa Mesa, CA


DIO USA CORPORATION | US HQ | 2729 Bristol St. Costa Mesa CA 92626 We are newly building a presence in the US | Costa Mesa, CA! Our new US corporate HQ building with Digital Dentistry Education & Training center and centralized service, support,and production center would provide the seamless and unique DIOnavi. and Digital Dentistry experienceto our valued customers. Our office and education & training center are widely open to our valued customers who would come, visit,and experience our latest technology and science with a variety of hands-on courses thus providingthe business consultation to drive the sustainable growth of dental [...]

Building a New History in Costa Mesa, CA2022-08-08T17:41:29-07:00

The most competitive way to start your DIOnavi workflow experience!


    Gain a competitive advantage with the DIOnavi workflow.  We are pleased to offer you this opportunity to experience the DIOnavi single implant case-in-a-box solution. Simply sign-up and a DIO Practice Builder will reach out to schedule your first patient journey. It starts by taking CBCT and introral scans (if you don’t have a scanner, we’ll bring one). Then, we’ll walk you through the steps to upload the data files, fill in the QA process and necessary information on the online Rx portal to order your case.    The centralized planning and design center will provide the treatment planning, surgical [...]

The most competitive way to start your DIOnavi workflow experience!2022-08-09T12:41:46-07:00

Take your dental implants practice to the next level with DIOnavi


Annual DIOnavi. exclusive practice's standard financial goal Make out your own DIOnavi financial goals.  According to the American Dental Association, the average US dental practice generates $742,490 in revenue and $219,570 in net income. Not too shabby. Implants are known to be the most profitable treatments for your practice, but the competition is growing. Before considering your pricing strategy, you might want to ask yourself ‘Am I being competitive in my marketplace?’  A pricing strategy is often regarded as a discounting strategy, which is misleading. You need to determine the fair value of your treatment, the patient’s willingness to pay, and [...]

Take your dental implants practice to the next level with DIOnavi2022-08-09T13:16:15-07:00

DIOnavi Case in a box & Why does DIOnavi matter to Dentist?


DIOnavi. Case-in-a-BOX 100% model less digital workflow based ‘case in a box’ solutionhelping offices attract more patients with higher predictable outcomes and productivity. Why should a dentist consider DIOnavi? DIOnavi’s 100% modeless digital workflow-based case-in-a-box solution helps dentists to attract more patients thanks to higher predictable outcomes. Maximize productivity while increasing your bottom line. Average CTR increases from 1.45% to 13.01%. 8x’s greater in marketing DIOnavi to patients Enables practices to maintain a sustainable revenue stream at a total cost of ownership being less than $700/implant Less than 0.4º deviation, enabling immediate temporization, thanks to the digital workflow Over 600,000 worldwide [...]

DIOnavi Case in a box & Why does DIOnavi matter to Dentist?2022-08-09T17:17:57-07:00


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